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4/ 5

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Favorite Track: Death Spares Not the Young


Evenly paced, originality, musicianship


Subject matter could alienate listeners
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Badsville brings old-fashioned rockabilly back, but with a much darker tone.

by Logan Bailey
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Badsville may be the Mittens only straight rockabilly group, and certainly the only one with such a sharp and malign feel. They are dark, they are talented, and on “Speak Some Evil”,  they show us just how punk rockabilly can be.

The EP opens with “Caveman”, a fast-paced tune that is almost comical in its approach but has that archaic Elvis strength. “Dark Eyed Donna” does bring in more Elvis influence, however, Mr.Presley was never quite this explicit. I’m not sure he would have invited Donna to a black mass nor would he compare her to the devil himself.

“It Came from Nowhere” shows us the groups musical chops. It is a privilege to hear music played with such passion and obvious originality. The bluesy, and yes sometimes punk, guitar is the perfect compliment to such classic vocal styling. “Death Spares Not the Young” is a segue into a much more straight-forward rock sound. It is as dark as the title suggests, with the ranting styled vocal adding to the story, as well as a distorted grunge riff setting the tone for the chorus. “Stoned Boogie Woogie” closes off the release with an old school romp coming straight from the early 60s about, well I suppose you could probably infer from the title.

Badsville is an original, punk-rock, rockabilly trio. This band is not for the faint of heart, and I am sure will be welcomed with open arms into any punk scene. “Speak Some Evil” is a rowdy, crass, and an absolute good time.

Track Breakdown:

Caveman (1:46)
Dark Eyed Donna (3:16)
It Came from Nowhere (2:30)
Death Spares Not the Young (3:17)
Stoned Boogie Woogie (2:57)

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