Red Tape Riot: Rally Behind the Big Wheels

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Solid structure and lyrics that you can relate to make this release an easy listen for all ages.


An over-use of effects on some tracks seems to be a little much at times.
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Solid, innovative rock music is difficult to come across. With the release of “Rally Behind the Big Wheels”, Red Tape Riot has set out to make everyone question there preconceived notions about the alternative rock genre.

by Brandon Barber
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Red Tape Riot is ready to rock your world in only 6 songs with the release of their debut EP “Rally Behind the Big Wheels”. The ebb and flow of the tracks on this album set such a strange and beautiful mood, it is an emotional roller coaster of sorts. There are soft piano driven tracks followed by uproarious rock medleys followed by solemn introspective ballads. This release is a very interesting release, and one that had me listening to it a couple of times before I could really describe what it feels like.

The genre of alternative rock is a difficult one to write for. There are so many bands that fall into the category that writing music that stands out in the genre can be difficult and is rarely done. Red Tape Riot is able to do Michigan proud by being able to write very interesting music that draws inspiration from electronic and acoustic elements one in the same. It is evident that these musicians are comfortable with their instruments and the music they are writing. They are able to layer multiple different elements on top of each other and blend them all beautifully. This is the kind of debut that gets people talking and gets feet tapping along to the beat. The two lead vocalists are able to share the microphone without one ever seeming like they are overpowering the other. This is a great example of harmony in the instrumentation as well as among the members. You can tell that they all enjoy each others company and they use that energy and camaraderie to make music that is interesting and intricate.

You can take this EP on a road trip or to a family function. This is an easy listen for all age groups and could even get grandma dancing at the next family reunion. This is the kind of music that makes people move their feet unknowingly. “Rally Behind the Big Wheels” is a great first release from a band that has a very bright future ahead of them. Take them for a test drive today and see what I am talking about.

Track Breakdown:

Beautiful (3:19)
Relapse (This is a Rescue) (3:55)
Home (3:50)
Someone to Live For (4:03)
Give it to God (3:42)
Shelby’s Song (5:50)

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  • Amanda

    Awesome first release, only negative for me is that it’s only six songs. I love this band