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Hard Rock with soul, grunge, and blues influences abound.

by Logan Bailey
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The Distorted Waltz‘s eponymous debut  is a bit hard to define. Stylistic rock with a jazz influence? Funk/soul rock with perhaps a little grunge edge? Regardless, this band sounds like a seasoned rock outfit. Their originality is obvious and their confidence is daunting. They catch you with the dirty guitars and spastic rhythms, but sell you on their bluesy bass riffs and a piercing vocal. No matter what way you slice it, The Distorted Waltz is bound to become a powerhouse in the Michigan rock scene.

The tune “Poems” opens the release with gentle guitar and surprisingly serene vocal. It tells the melancholy tale of a gal and her own distorted waltz through life. The clean lead guitar is a treat throughout the track. “Boat on Boiling Water” follows with a welcomed brashness. The ever changing and angrily sung chorus line is masterfully done. “Out for Blood” and “Throne of Kings” are sturdy fillers that hold nothing back.

The somber intro of “Special” is exited with an intense and sudden hard rock ferocity. Each track refuses to slow down, maintaining a wall of sound that  does not allow the listener to drift off. “Burn” is a favorite because of its incredibly powerful chorus that is placed next to a sonically mellower verse. The line, “If nihilism’s comforting I must be living wrong” that singer Andy Jeglic provides delightfully reminds me of a younger and much angrier Chris Cornell.

The last song, “Picking Neptune’s Pocket”, is a six minute jam into a Pink Floyd-like dimension. The band’s musical chops are proudly showcased. A commanding bass line and an imperious lead guitar are spotlighted through each minute until it is all silenced. The perfect closer to these set of tunes.

The Distorted Waltz have been around since 2007 but purposefully honed their craft before trying to officially release any of their music. That shows not only patience but a real love of the craft. To be able to sit on the side-lines shows true musical prowess. This release is worth your time, have a listen.

Track Breakdown:

Poems (4:35)
Boat on Boiling Water (3:33)
Out for Blood (3:08)
Special (3:48)
Throne of Kings (6:21)
Truth & Other Lies (4:12)
Burn (4:48)
Over You (7:21)
Picking Neptune’s Pocket (5:59)

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