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3.5/ 5

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Generic rock music for fans of Godsmack or Drowning Pool.


Repetitive and mundane at times, the tracks all blend together in their mediocrity.
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Combining years of experience, the members of Violent Faith unleash their beast into the music scene and hope it catches you.

by Brandon Barber
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Violent Faith have been making music as separate people for many years. Finally fate drew them all together to create a group of musicians that all have similar goals in mind. Never letting age affect the decisions they make, Violent Faith have taken previous material and new material to compile a list of run-of-the-mill type rock music that will sit nicely in the ears of fans of bands such as Godsmack and Drowning Pool.

Amidst the muddle of tracks on this release, there is none that stand above the rest. As the listening experience continues, nothing changes. The release is a sea of mediocrity with predictable patterns being almost ubiquitous. Songs about anger and alcohol sit beside tracks that are topically the same. This is definitely a working man’s music. So long as that working man doesn’t mind listening to music that sounds the same as the other music that came before the other music that sounded the same as this music.

In conclusion, Violent Faith’s self titled attempt is an honest but boring album. At least for me. I believe that their fans do truly enjoy their music and I am not saying they are wrong. That is why so many different genres exist. We can’t all like the same thing. But as a music enthusiast I cannot honestly recommend this album to anyone I know.

Track Breakdown:

Break to Bend (3:18)
Hands (3:09)
Into Light (4:14)
Selling Me (3:13)
Breach (4:44)
Flaws (3:25)
Unstable (4:15)
Breathe (2:47)
Final Phase (3:15)
Change (4:44)
As We Fall (3:51)
Drama Pool (2:56)
Habitual (3:23)

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