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4.5/ 5

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Favorite Track: Rumble Seat


Original compositions, impressive instrumentals, emotionally charged


Just five songs, vocal sometimes hard to understand
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Detroit natives Warhorses have successfully created momentous episodes of grandeur on this five-song release.

by Logan Bailey
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Psychedelic rock is often a tough genre to put a meaningful stamp on. Detroit natives Warhorses  however have successfully created momentous episodes of grandeur on their five song release Song of the Month. In the styles of Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips, Warhorses take the listener on a hypnotic sonic journey. Commanding bass lines, strained vocals, and involute guitars demand the ear and the mind be fully involved.

The jam “Rumble Seat” kicks the record off in stomping fashion. Vocalist Mike Alexander’s rasped moan is both strained and dominantly clear. His ability to convey both anguish and dread is a potent cocktail. The instrumentation is constant and the perfect backdrop to Alexander’s emotional howl.

“Joyful Boy” follows with a much more subtle beginning. The track begins with almost tribal percussion and enchanting vocal rant. The guitar is muffed and almost southern in its approach. The jam slowly builds to a moaning rally by Alexander and then ends abruptly exactly how it began. The tune “Crawl” is is another tribal rant with multiple-layered vocal that culminates in a complex swell of guitars and howls, and then ends with a surprising acoustic bit.

“Horse #5″ is a western as trance rock could possibly be. The walloping bass and enchanting vocal force a barren landscape to your mind. “Red Turns Black” closes the EP with an immediate rhythm and sinister vocal. Distorted guitar is set behind a sparse and clean lead. The song truly hits in the last fifty seconds with an almost U2 style close.

Warhorses are an incredibly impressive psychedelic rock band. They will no doubt continue to progress and push their genres boundaries; hopefully forcing it into the limelight and out of its relative obscurity. Keep an eyes and ears on this group, something tells me they can’t be stopped.

Track Breakdown:

Rumble Seat (4:33)
Joyful Boy (4:46)
Crawl (4:26)
Horse #5 (3:53)
Red Turns Black (3:42)

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